Crypto Asset Custody Platform HyperBC Officially Launched

3 min readMar 3, 2020


On February 10, 2020, HyperBC Group officially launched HyperBC, a crypto asset custody and financial service platform, which aims to provide enterprise-level customers, such as digital currency wallets, exchanges, lending platforms, mining machine manufacturers, mining pools, cloud mining platforms, quantitative funds, and OTC trading platform with secure, transparent and efficient crypto asset custody services.

HyperBC Homepage

HyperBC is a future-oriented blockchain crypto bank with a compliant trust license and payment license. Its business includes four major modules: crypto asset custody, digital currency payment, financial lending, and fund management.

HyperBC supports all mainstream cryptocurrencies, and provides three different assets custody methods: collaborative custody, full custody, and exclusive custody to meet the diverse needs of different users.

Three custody methods

HyperBC provides crypto asset payment services for enterprise customers. Its rich API can help customers realize multi-channel and multi-currency payment, flexibly meet the needs of customers ‘transaction scenarios, and ensure the security of enterprise users’ receipt and payment.

HyperBC provides smart lend matching services for enterprise customers, with features such as low rates, convenient operation, and secure funds. It also provides exclusive services for users with large amounts of funds.

HyperBC provides a variety of asset management plans with stable returns for wallets, exchanges and other organizations, from flexible and low-risk current investment funds and PoS mining pools to significant-return fixed investment funds. It can help users to choose the most suitable financial solution.

In addition to security measures such as segregation of hot and cold wallets, and multi-signature cold storage at different locations, HyperBC has four unique security centers: risk control center, payment center, clearing center, and monitoring center, providing top-level protection for users’ assets.

HyperBC four security center

HyperBC will provide professional crypto asset custody services for platforms under HyperBC Group, such as HyperPay, HyperFin, and CoinW. The service agencies covers digital wallets, financial service providers, and trading platforms. In the future, HyperBC will continue to expand the cooperative ecological landscape and serve the entire ecological chain of the crypto industry.

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